East End Market

3201 Corrine Dr

Orlando, Fl 32803


Sunday 11am-6pm or Sell Out

Monday - Thur 10am-7pm or Sell Out

Friday - Saturday 10am - 9pm or Sell Out

CLOSED DAYS : New Years Day / Easter Sunday / July 4th / Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day

We usually sell out every day. If we sell out before the last hour of the night we will make a post on our Instagram & Facebook pages.  If you're coming from out of town we recommend you preorder your Gideon hopes and dreams so you don't risk missing out!


PHONE? Due to a high volume of calls requesting that we hold cookies we no longer have a public phone number.  For order inquiries please drop us an email or use our PREORDER page.  Check our Social Media to see if we've SOLD OUT for the day.

👉Be sure to read the FAQ below which will likely answer many of your questions.👈


General Questions or Press Inquiries: 



Do you have Vegan or Gluten Free Options? 

Sorry, no we do not.

Do you ship or Deliver?

We do not.  The demand at our physical location is too much to allow for external sales at this time.  You are more than welcome to PREORDER items and use a courier for local delivery or have your local family and friends ship items to you.  If you are picking up with the intention of shipping please make note of that in your PREORDER and we will package your order with shipping in mind.

Do You Have Whole Cakes Available without Preorder?

No, we do not.  We only sell slices in our storefront.  Whole cakes are available with a 72 hour notice.

Can I Preorder and Pick Up Today?

The most common email we get is from customers asking for an exception to the 72 hour Preorder notice and pick up same day.  I'm sorry, this is not possible.  Our unique cakes take up to 24 hours to prepare and our Cookies are a minimum of 16 hours.  We need time to build your order into our schedule.  

Do You Offer Bulk Pricing?

We do not.

Can We Use You For Our Wedding?

We do not cater events but you can PREORDER items for your wedding and pick the up at our East End Market location.  While we don't offer custom wedding cakes, our standard cakes have been very popular for those preferring a simple wedding.  If you plan on having a dessert table our Cookies are always a big hit and our Cookie Bites (quartered cookies dipped in chocolate) are even better!  Take a look over our MENU and place a PREORDER today!

What should we know about our First Visit?

We have a strict limit of 6 Cookies without PREORDER.  This allows us to get our cookies into more hands each day.

We sell out daily and your largest selection of offerings will be available earlier in the day.

We offer 6 Cookie flavors daily that are listed under the "AVAILABLE COOKIES" Section in our MENU.

Cake Slice selections are random each day.  We usually offer 2 to 3 cake flavors as slices daily.

We will post on our Social Media if we sell our before the final hour of the day.  Coming in the final hour is always risky.

Cookie Bites are currently only available on the weekends.

Gift Certificates are available for $25 and up!

We accept cash, card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.