Gideon's Story

In our never ending search for baking inspiration, we purchased what we thought was a family cookbook from 1898. It turned out to be the diary of a young boy named Gideon who dreamed of opening a bakery to  bring his family out of poverty. His recipes were incredibly creative for the day and his personal story truly touched us. We combined his vintage desserts with our modern recipes and, over 100 years after that young boy planted his dream, Gideon’s Bakehouse was born.



Giant and flavorful, each one of our cookies are sure to be favorites for a lifetime.  Start with the Chocolate Chip and branch out!

Cakes and Pies

The best ingredients available make up our line of cakes, cheesecakes and pies.  They're packed with flavor, not pounds of sugar.

Dessert Coffee

Truly unique to Gideon's Bakehouse is our line of Dessert Coffees specially formulated to pair with your favorite cookies or cake.