Red Velvet is a true passion for all of us here at Gideon's Bakehouse and we talked the owner Steve who came up with the recipe that is our baby.  Here is what he had to say.

When I was a teenager my mother took me to a 50's diner called Angel's and this is where I was first introduced to Red Velvet.  Unlike today, it was a very obscure flavor and very different from what most placed serve today.  It wasn't overly sweet with a soft cream cheese frosting and a cake that tasted almost like a pancake.  Before coming up with the official Gideon's recipe I did my research and pulled on the traditional southern roots for Red Velvet Cake.  What we have today truly reminds me of my youth.  It isn't chocolate cake with red food coloring, like 90% of what you'll find elsewhere.  Gideon's Red Velvet is a melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk based cake with a frosting made of almost entirely cream cheese with only enough sugar hold things all together.  The old Angel's cake was covered in walnuts so we took it one step further by giving our walnuts the candied treatment.  It's a serious cake and something we are all extremely proud of.

If you haven't had Gideon's Red Velvet we suggest you give it a try.  It's a good place to start on our list of cakes!